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I had the great honour of being the delivery person of some very welcomed Baby Teresa onesies to Ireland.  The donation on behalf of Baby Teresa was made the Coombe Care.

Commbe Care is a voluntary committee which works closely with the medical and social workers of the Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.  The Medical Social Workers identify patients who are in greatest need of assistance.

Sadly, it is not unusual for some patients to experience severe difficulties in providing the basic essentials for their stay in hospital.  In such circumstances Coombe Care provides items such as a towel, nightdress, face cloth as well as the necessities for the newborn baby.  This is where the Baby Teresa outfits will prove invaluable.  The volunteers were absolutely blown away by the generosity of an organisation, literally on the other side of the world donating these garments.

Assistance is also given in the form of bus and train fares to patients visiting their sick infants in the special Care Baby Unit.  Food vouchers are also provided for families who are in special need especially at Christmas time.

Some see Dublin as a city that is well off, however with the current economic downturn, the lack of jobs, immigrants with no family support, many have come to rely on the generosity of organisations such as Coombe Care.  They in turn rely on the fundraising endeavours of various schools, individuals and active retirement clubs who knit and sew on behalf of the babies.  I look forward to being able to pass some more photos on of babies who get to receive these garments over the coming months.  The donation was received by Mary Walsh on behalf of the volunteers and committee of Coombe Care.

– Celine Egan

I love that when I buy a cute outfit from Baby Teresa for my son, it will also support a less fortunate child somewhere else in the world.  Retail therapy and meaningful contribution rolled into one - what a winning approach!  Sara Redman

It's always so hard to find something "meaningfully different" to help friends celebrate the arrival of their beautiful baby - thank you from me and the beautiful babies that can't express themselves yet - they really, really thank you.
Janie Finlay

Beautiful products with beautiful meaning, it is so lovely to know I can make a difference twice - once to my best friend and again to a baby in need.  Thank you baby teresa for making purchasing a gift so heartfelt.
Sandra Tonning