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Hi Baby Teresa,

Thank you so much for your donation towards mothers in the village of Mpunge, Uganda.  I just wanted to share some highlights and pictures with you.

Trip Update:

Mpunge is an area of Uganda that is very poor.  It is at the end of a long, dusty bumpy rod on the edge of Lake Victoria.  By the time our van arrives at the village the tyre marks on the road are the only one (for the motorbikes) as very few cars ever come this far.  There is no electricity and until our visit no clean water.

The majority of the baby suits we gave out through the medical clinic which we ran in the village for 5 days.  We treated many for malaria, scabies, worms, burns and carried out HIV testing and counselling.  The mothers who came in with sick babies were each given a Baby Teresa suit (until we ran out) and each time there were big smiles and lots of thank yous.  It was extra special to walk through the village later in the week and a catch a glimpse of babies wearing the suits.

The highlight for me would be putting a Baby Teresa outfit on an unclothed baby.  I had seen this group of children a few times during our visit.  On this day we were walking the length of the water project to see how far the community taps were placed into the surrounding village.  A small group of children followed us.  Very tattered clothes, bare feet, and a baby boy on the young girls hip had no clothes on at all.  We were right next to a school and I asked Noel (coordinator for PresAID) why these children were not at school.  He spoke to them and then shared with me that their father was away fishing (this is a fishing village where the main source of income is through fish) and their mother needed to work in the garden so they could have food to eat, so the elder children needed to stay home to care for the youngest children.  It didn’t happen every day they said (but I wondered if maybe it did).  Just this one day I had put an extra baby suit in my handbag, just in case.  I pulled the baby suit out and knelt down next to the young girl with the baby and pointed to the suit and then to the baby.  A big smile and giggles came from the young girl.  Noel asked if we could put the baby suit on, and the older boy and girl were so excited!!  To see the joy on their faces as their youngest brother was given something to wear was a really special moment.  At no point did they ask for something for themselves, they were just so happy that he had this to wear.  After we left we could see them running off to find their mother to show her.  Thank you for making this special moment happen.

Thank you for the donation of Baby Teresa suits, it was such a privilege to give these to families in need.

I love that when I buy a cute outfit from Baby Teresa for my son, it will also support a less fortunate child somewhere else in the world.  Retail therapy and meaningful contribution rolled into one - what a winning approach!  Sara Redman

It's always so hard to find something "meaningfully different" to help friends celebrate the arrival of their beautiful baby - thank you from me and the beautiful babies that can't express themselves yet - they really, really thank you.
Janie Finlay

Beautiful products with beautiful meaning, it is so lovely to know I can make a difference twice - once to my best friend and again to a baby in need.  Thank you baby teresa for making purchasing a gift so heartfelt.
Sandra Tonning