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I’ve just returned from my second trip to Vanuatu. Unlike when I visited a decade ago – I spent extra time on this visit and was able to make it to two of the outer islands – Santo and Tanna which was exceptional.

On Santo I met with Liz Pkn-Nlps and handed over a whole bunch of little donation Baby Teresa rompers to go to the local hospitals with the instruction that when local women come in with little they were to be offered them. This donation was organised through The Hospital Lady – an organisation that works primarily in Port Vila, Vanuatu – but is spreading it’s wings to outer islands such as Santo.

Like many of the other island paradises I’ve blogged about doing donations on, island living on Vanuatu’s gorgeous pockets of land presents it’s own unique challenges mixed in with the gorgeous vistas and sublime climate. Vanuatu is full of the happiest most lively people I may have ever met. Travelling there pregnant and with my 2 year old daughter we were welcomed with smiles so big and waves so furious my lips and hands were tired after responding on an hour long car drive!

On the island Tanna I spent a lot more time driving through villages and seeing how people really live – not to mention being swamped by children! I loved learning about the beautiful cultural differences – like the fact that a machete is required for kids to attend school (it’s on their packing list!)

Thank you Vanuatu for opening your arms and welcoming us so vehemently – and Baby Teresa are delighted to have left our little offering with you.

xxx Kirsty

I love that when I buy a cute outfit from Baby Teresa for my son, it will also support a less fortunate child somewhere else in the world.  Retail therapy and meaningful contribution rolled into one - what a winning approach!  Sara Redman

It's always so hard to find something "meaningfully different" to help friends celebrate the arrival of their beautiful baby - thank you from me and the beautiful babies that can't express themselves yet - they really, really thank you.
Janie Finlay

Beautiful products with beautiful meaning, it is so lovely to know I can make a difference twice - once to my best friend and again to a baby in need.  Thank you baby teresa for making purchasing a gift so heartfelt.
Sandra Tonning